I'm going to launch 10 startups in 12 months

I'm going to launch 10 startups in 12 months

I'm finally doing it. After years of hesitation, I've decided to build, deploy and launch a series of products within a set amount of time, specifically, 10 startups before the end of June 2022.


I got the idea several years ago after learning about Pieter Levels, who launched 12 startups in 12 months, and I think it's a fantastic challenge because it forces you to finish a product and launch it within a specific timeframe, meaning you'll be taking action instead of ruminating and dilly-dallying. This fits in with how I think you should be approaching the notion of entrepreneurship and starting up. Another reason why I think it's great is because it gives you batting practice on publicly launching products, and that's something I've never done before. This obliges me to do just that. From a personal standpoint, I also want to join the digital nomad / indie-making community, and this challenge not only gives me something to show but it also might require me to consult some of the indie makers who have also done this challenge. So, I think it'll be an invaluable experience overall.

Ultimately, if I've launched a moderately successful project or met people who are worth collaborating with, I may suspend or give pause to this challenge, but that'll only be because I've already met my goal of starting a business. Otherwise, I'll have to keep doing what I'm doing.


I'm sticking with a 30-day sprint comprised of 3 days planning and designing, 20 days developing, and 7 days shipping and launching. These are just broad strokes and may vary depending on the project complexity and my experiences, so I'll need to update my sprint structure along the way. After finishing a sprint, I'll immediately start the next sprint or dedicate some time to exploring niche markets and developing other skills. This is why I've opted for 10 startups instead of 12 over the next 12 months.

Financial runway

During this challenge, I most likely won't have an external source of income (aside from the "mid-term bonus" during Chinese New Year), so I'll need to watch how I spend. I'll limit my spending to a maximum of HK$2000 a week (around HK$300 a day), which is a challenge in itself if you're living in Hong Kong and have well-paid friends. In any case, I'll try to spend as many days at home as I can and be more frugal when I'm with my friends. This should be even easier to do if I move to a less expensive place like Thailand or Taiwan, which I will look into after the pandemic passes. This could create some interesting conversation topics which I might blog about in the future.

My next 12 months 😅


This challenge has intrigued me ever since I first read about Pieter Levels several years ago. However, I never pursued it because I was always either too scared to commit the time to it or too busy working. But having recently quit my job, I have no intention of working for someone else anytime soon, so I figured why not! Like I've mentioned in an earlier post, it's easy to feel a sense of aimlessness when you're not working, so the constraints provided by this challenge are refreshing. Launching 10 startups in 12 months makes me pursue entrepreneurship in a way that forces me to take action, and if they all fail, at least I'll learn a great deal.