Why I'm starting a blog

Why I'm starting a blog

I've never been much of a writer or a public person. In fact, I've always tried to keep a low profile even among my peers. However, after quitting my job and having some time to reflect, I've come to realize that the advantages of publicly documenting and sharing my entrepreneurship journey far outweigh its disadvantages. That's right, I left my job to pursue entrepreneurship. In any case, here are some reasons why I've started to finally start blogging.

Establishes an online presence

The sad reality (or opportunity depending on how you see it) is that we spend as much time looking at our screens as we spend looking at tangible, physical objects in the real world. I myself spend more time reading stuff from screens than from ink, and the majority of us find our information from online content, such as videos and blog posts. I want to be recognized for the digital tools and products that I create, and I want those things to be seen as well, so I figured it'd make sense to start off by creating a blog as a means of establishing an online presence.

Builds confidence

Another reason why I'm starting to write is because I feel that posting regularly increases self-confidence in my day-to-day life. This may sound far-fetched but hear me out. Maintaining a blog requires plenty of discipline, because you're obliged to write fresh content on a regular basis, and it can be tiring to write a lengthy post. But this comes with a sense of accomplishment every time you post something on your blog, and I believe that these small victories can gradually build confidence over time. Therefore, writing is good for your mental health.

Improves communication ability

Writing is also in itself highly useful. I find that it fosters my ability to explain and refine ideas to others and myself. Furthermore, I think that if we're able to communicate well, we can pretty much overcome any interpersonal obstacle. Therefore, by writing regularly, I feel like I'll practically be strengthening my ability to resolve conflicts, which is never a bad thing!

Keeps you focused and organized

A blog can act as a compass when you’re surrounded by endless possibilities and infinite time. Blogging provides clarity by forcing you to reflect and put your goals into writing. It also makes you accountable for your actions since it’s publicly viewable, so you’re forced to cover your tracks. Although it felt like the weight of the world was suddenly off my shoulders after I left my job, it’s been a few months now and I’m kind of missing some of that weight. Sure, I no longer have to crawl out of bed and pretend like I care about the work I’m forced to do, but some of that weight is good. It’s very easy to feel lost when there are no KPIs to hit, no rules to follow, and no mentors who can guide you. That’s why I think blogging can be invaluable, especially if you’re a solo entrepreneur.

Helps with understanding SEO

It's common knowledge that good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what gets websites onto the first page of Google. By owning and maintaining a blog, I'll get to have hands-on experience with building strong SEO. This opens up a new avenue of expertise, and serves as another useful skill that comes with maintaining a blog.

Opens the door

Last but not least, I think blogging opens up possibilities for me to connect with people who share similar thoughts, ideas, and interests. By starting a blog, I'm putting myself out there and allowing others to reach out to me. I believe that this is a lot more efficient than actively seeking out others since I'd only really need to focus on maintaining my online presence and keeping the blog updated. This alone makes blogging worth it since the alternative option of not having an online presence means I'll have zero chance of meeting like-minded people on the internet.


Blogging and building an online presence takes a lot of effort and can be seen as a hassle. However, it's ultimately a worthwhile endeavor in this day and age, as it exposes you to people you might otherwise never meet and opportunities you might otherwise never find. Not to mention, it improves your ability to communicate, increases your confidence, teaches you new skills, and keeps track of your thoughts and ideas. It's for these reasons that I'll be writing and documenting my journey into entrepreneurship :)